If It’s Not One Thing…¬†

Do you ever feel like life gets ahead of you sometimes. Like, before you’re done dealing with one problem 3 more have popped up? 


Sigh… Ok good, I’m not the only one. 

So what do we do when things get overwhelming? Honestly, sometimes I just wanna hide under a rock. Sometimes,  I’ll joke with my husband, “I’m going to hide under my rock now!” The “rock” of course, being my bedroom. My place of solace, where the boogie man aka life, can’t reach me. 

I’ve been feeling like that a lot lately. Right now, most of it has to do with physical issues. 

Up to today I’ve had a horrid muscle spasm (that’s what the Dr is assuming it is) in my neck since the end of February. Sometimes the pain intensifies and travels down my arm and I’m useless. Sometimes, and on and on. Sigh… 

In the first 2 months the pain was so bad that I could hardly move without crying out in pain. For any mother that’s a difficult thing to go through. What about dinner? Homeschool? CHURCH!?  

Thank God I have an amazing husband that took great care of me and never let me feel like a burden. He even googled some recipe after I couldn’t handle anymore “Dad dinners” such as, burgers, pizza, fries…. 

“We need veggies!” I pleaded. Thankfully he agreed and arose to the challenge and made some amazing meals. The kids might be a little sad I’m back to cooking again… Might. 

Anyways, when we first go through these things I feel like we go between frustration to looking on the bright side to talking ourselves into being patient with the situation. 

But now I’m going into my 4th month with this pain and it’s not so easy. I’m tired of hurting. Tired of moving slowly and smiling and telling everyone I’m fine. Sometimes…  I’m even tired of mustering up my faith, currently the size of a mustard seed, to believe for healing…. again. Am I the only one? Am I being to real? 

So what do I do….? 
I do it again. 
I believe again. 
I have to. 
I need to. 
Isn’t that the very definition of faith? 

As I write this, I also have a bad cold. Nice, right? Can’t I get a break? Nope! That’s life and I’m definitely not the only one going through some tough stuff. So what are we gonna do when “life” throws life at us? Curl up under our rock? No! We must trek on. We’re stronger than we think we are, especially when we lean on Jesus. 

I haven’t learned necessarily how strong I am but how much I still need to lean on Jesus. How sometimes we get good at being good. How it’s easier to believe for others and not so much ourselves sometimes. Can I get a witness..? 

I’m not gonna lie, these 3 months have been frustrating. (Getting mugged during this time definitely didn’t help). Sometimes don’t you wanna yell on the rooftop, “What next!!!” 

However, let’s not give in to that. Maybe instead I will quietly whisper, “God, with you all things are possible”. Maybe I’ll shout that instead. 

These are the best times to put our focus elsewhere, to read our bibles more, pray more, seek God more; not pull away. 

Emotions are unruly little things. If we’re not careful they’ll control our focus, our will, and our lives. 

However, growth comes from being stretched. Some of the most blessed, happy, and centered people I have met have been dealt a heavy hand in life and they choose not to feel sorry for themselves. They serve others. They’re grateful and full of joy. 

They’ve served as great examples to me during these times. Dare I say, our suffering can be a source of comfort to others…? 

My weakness is made strong in Him. In my weakness He carries me and deserves all the glory. 

I will choose to believe for healing EVERY time I’m prayed for. I have plenty reference points of getting healed in the past. It’s all in His timing. 

So while we can’t control our circumstances, we can control how we react towards them. God knows I’m fallible, and I know He’s powerful.

Amen. My hope is in Him and I’m ready for life if it throws me another. 


Melody ūüé∂


Impact. Isn’t that what we all want our legacy to include? That we had impact?

Whether it’s in the ministry, in a nation, in the lives of others or maybe even in our trade. We all desire to matter and to have impact.

I’m just like everyone else. I desire to make a difference. I desire to make an impact somewhere. I desire to leave this earth knowing that my life had meaning.

Lots of things that we pour our hearts into can be thankless. Parenting, for one. You always hear that parenting is a thankless job. I don’t necessarily agree with that at all, btw.

Pioneering can be a thankless job. People are naturally self-centered so it can be difficult when your giving your all to them and they leave, talk bad about you and etc, etc. However, if we truly believe our reward is in heaven then it’s not exactly thankless, is it? I’d much rather have God’s reward for doing His will than man’s anyways. Wouldn’t you?

I write this because in the middle of a “pioneer battle” my daughter sent me a message. It represented so much more to me than just kind words from a daughter to a mother. I thought, “Oh wow, ¬†I’m having a profound impact on her life”. And not just in a mommy-daughter way but in a spiritual way.

We’ve been here in Brazil for 3 years now and as my daughter matures it seems to dawn on her more and more every day how much of a sacrifice it was to leave everything behind and take this step of faith.

Some people can be scared to enter the ministry because of what it’ll “do” to their kids, especially being a missionary. We don’t have all the comforts of the US. My kids aren’t getting extra-curricular activities like in the US, maybe they’re not even getting an amazing education, maybe they won’t graduate with college credits already under their belts so on and so forth. The list could go on!

No, my kids are getting a completely different experience. Neither is better, both are great, both have pros and cons, you get the idea. Ultimately, its all up to them what they make of the life they’re given.

Imagine that just by saying “yes” to God we can have profound impact on them and others. Could it be that simple?

Remember someone is always watching even if we don’t realize it and it’s usually our precious children. Let us not focus all our energy on building the church and neglect our children. How about getting them involved in building the church?

Or… how about not putting them in ministry just because they’re yours and actually expect them to strive for it by being righteous and a godly example…? Hmm? There’s something to chew on. I guarantee that’ll have a positive impact on their lives. (Oh, no she didn’t!)¬†

We never tell our kids, “you’re a pastor’s kid, so you need to be an example”. No. We tell them, “you represent Christ and if you’re a Christian you’re called to be an example”. A little balance can bring about a greater impact on our children.

Anyways, my heart was refreshed by my daughter’s words so much that I wanted to share. I wanted to show parents the possible impact you can have on your kids by doing what’s hard, what’s right, or WHATEVER God has put on your heart to do.

As the saying goes, and I believe it to be true, “being in the will of God is the safest place to be”. (and I say that after getting mugged a while back) Ha! However, I’m referring to eternal impact, not temporal, eternal. Think about that with me. E-ter-nal. Mind blown yet?

Honestly, I’m nothing special. I have no extraordinary talents. I’m shy, awkward and stubborn sometimes. I just try my best and ask God to fill in where I lack, and He is faithful and willing.

My intention here is to encourage and inspire. ¬†My intention is to show that in our struggle, someone is watching how we handle ourselves. Someone’s watching if we’re complaining or finding joy even in the hard times; the world is watching, and our children are definitely watching.¬†

The beautiful thing is that we can be completely human, completely imperfect and still make a diffrence. In our willingness to be real and glorify God in our failures, we give people hope for their future. Isn’t that what our testimonies strive to achieve? I want my kids to know that I desperately need God because I fail. I desperately need God because life is hard sometimes. I want them to see godliness in me the midst of my hardest battles.¬†

Thanks for taking the time and stopping by. Now, go! Conquer and make a difference!

Tchau for now!


On a side note: Julia has started a blog of her own so I hope you stop on over and check it out! Jewlzoflife.wordpress.com