A Taste of Brasil

Hey guys!!!

So how are things with you all??? No seriously! I wanna know. Don’t forget how important your comments are! Nothing makes me happier than hearing from y’all, especially living the way over here.

ouro nava fam

Not that long ago we had a special visitor! Now, we’ve actually had lots of visitors since we’ve been here. Any missionary knows how special it is when people invest and come preach for you. Not only is it a blessing for your church but…..oh how it feeds our souls as well! Can I get an A-men!?


Anyways, back to my “special visitor”. We were so blessed to have Manuel Delgado come do a revival for us, for many, many, many reasons. One of those reasons is that he speaks Portuguese. One of the unique challenges of being here in Brazil is the language. Our fellowship is really young here in Brazil. There’s no conferences in Portuguese, no conference videos in Portuguese to bring home and share and so on.

So when Manuel came and tore it up in Portuguese it was a whole different level of a blessing. Our church loves revivals and they especially love it when they can communicate with the visiting preachers. Friendliness is a huge part of their lovely culture. Manuel actually lived in Brazil for a huge part of his life and his beautiful wife is Brazilian so he was able to fill us in on some cultural things and translate some things we had missed. It was amazing!

Here some special music from the revival…


And like all others, our church connected and loved him. I’m so grateful to be apart of a fellowship of preachers that come and invest instead of preaching and leaving. It’s more like pieces of them are left behind. We laughed more than we had in awhile and he made an impression on my 12 year old that I’ll be eternally grateful for.


Wemmerson and Fernanda had us over for lunch.

One night we went to this awesome Taqueria with the Oroscos.

After the revival we took him to Ouro Preto, which is a small colonial mining town full of history. A lot of it is heart-wrenching because of the slave history relating to mining in this country but the people are proud of their history and tell it with heart and passion.

Imperial Topaz is mostly found in Brazil, most specifically in Ouro Preto, and my husband gifted my daughter and I with these beautiful rings.


It was a blessing for my husband to have Manuel translating for us this time instead of him.

Ouro Preto is also known for it’s amazing Mineiro (from our state of Minas Gerais) food. Oh gosh…….Mineiro food is the best!


Ouro Preto was planning a big carnaval parade/party that night so we tried to leave before things got crazy.

We got caught in the parade on the way out

The Gunkels flew in and it was great meeting them! They’re pioneering in Curitiba, which is pretty far south of us. Keep them in prayer for revival too!


Needless to say, we had an awesome time and made some lasting friendships. God is moving here and we’re excited! Revival never comes without a cost so pray for missionaries and pioneers everywhere. And leave comments on their blogs… (hint hint)

So tchau for now peeps!




Happily married Christian mother of two. Gave my life to Jesus at 17 in 1997. He saved me, cleansed me, turned my life and set my feet upon His solid ground. Love Brazil & the US, love to read, love technology and love to homeschool my children and date my husband.

8 thoughts on “A Taste of Brasil

  1. What an amazing song service! It really moved me to see those people sing and worship Our Lord and Savior. Julia sings so awesome.

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