Boa Viagem

Oi gente!!! (Hey guys!!!)

I just returned from a two week trip to the US! It was an awesome trip even though it began a little rough because of Texas’ and Florida’s bad weather, not good weather to fly in. I missed two flights and panicked but it all turned out okay. At least I learned some things that’ll help when I travel next time!

Our mother church blessed my daughter by sponsoring her to this years South Texas Believers Boot Camp. She was so happy. She wasn’t sure if she’d ever have the opportunity to attend and had made peace with that, so it was an unexpected, wonderful surprise for her. It was special for me too, because I attended the same camp when I was a 17 year old new convert. I attended the 4th annual boot camp and she attended the 23rd….man, that makes me feel old! The experience changed my life dramatically for the better. I was a drug addicted rebel when I went. I had only been to The Door Church twice before going to the camp and came back completely changed and never touched a drug again. Her background is very different (Thank you Jesus) so her experience was different but with the same result. God dug deep and exposed issues of her heart and she’s thankful. We’re all thankful!

I had such a wonderful time. While my daughter was getting her attitude dealt with I was traveling between homes and reconnecting with my friends. I have such wonderful friends. We can go a long time between talks and then pick up right where we left off. It’s so important to have relationships like that when you’re far away. Being with them reminded me why they’re my friends to began with. They blessed me, listened to me, laughed with me (and at me), fed me, and encouraged me. What more could I ask for? This was my first time traveling to the states without my hubby and I missed him but it was awesome to have so much girl time! Love you girls! My in-laws were a tremendous blessing to me as well. As always!!!  I’m very fortunate they’re so awesome. My only regret is not taking more pictures! Their beautiful faces need to be on my blog! Next time Melody, next time….
While staying with one of my friends she gave my daughter a wonderful book called The Chase. I’m almost done reading it and I’m so excited for Julia to read it next. I think it’s a must read for teen girls. It gives such a beautiful point of view of godly dating from the perspective of a young couple. They talk about their mistakes and the mistakes of their friends and the joys of staying pure til married. Other than the “church dances” their churches had for their teens and the light kissing before getting married (nothing distasteful mentioned) I loved everything about this book and would recommend it highly! Just chew the meat and spit out the very very VERY few bones. You could take it even farther and read it with your daughter and have discussions. Julia and I have an open communication relationship so these moments always bring us closer and remind her that there’s “safety in the multitude of counselors”. And I get the joy of seeing her thought process,  struggles, and how I can better bring direction in her life and most importantly, how I can better pray for her.


It was such a blessing to go a get refreshed and now to return back to the new norm and into the harvest field. God is moving and the church is growing. Also, another couple was sent to Belo from the Tucson conference so the laborers are increasing as well! How exciting!!! We pray for you always. Thanks for your prayers as well!

Julia and I are so happy to be home to our church here. We missed everyone!


Tchau for now,




Happily married Christian mother of two. Gave my life to Jesus at 17 in 1997. He saved me, cleansed me, turned my life and set my feet upon His solid ground. Love Brazil & the US, love to read, love technology and love to homeschool my children and date my husband.

3 thoughts on “Boa Viagem

  1. Fudge!!! It was such a wonderful blessing to have you here In the states. I had a wonderful time bonding! 😙 I’m so excited for the new couple being added to the Belo Family! Love y’all! ❤

  2. Woohoo! It was a surprise to see you! It was good timing because I had a moment. It’s so much fun to know God is faithful. I’m so happy to see that yall are growing. Continue what yall are doing while we pray. We are growing also so busy busy busy time. Lol. Yall are a blessing. 💕✌😆

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