Well,  hello there peeps! It’s been so long!!! April’s been a fun month for us but I’ve been missing everyone! Even you that read and don’t comment! Hope to hear from you all down below.

But first here’s a pic of this….


Glorious, isn’t it?

We’ve been keeping busy with the usual… educating our munchkins,  exploring our city and sharing the gospel. Can’t get better than that!

Our daughter turned 14 this month and she received the news she’d be going to boot camp this year for the first time. She’s beyond excited and so am I! I went to the same boot camp when I was 17. How awesome it is to share this experience with her.


She got lucky this month with the revival landing on her birthday. She got two days off school so we could take the evangelist sightseeing! Oh, the joys of homeschooling!

The Thursday before the revival we took our kids and some of their friends geocaching. This is the coolest thing! You download the app called “Geocaching”, then sign in and it will show you all the caches in your area. A cache is a container of some sort, usually carrying papers that you sign. You use gps and your geocaching apps compass to lead you to its hidden spot! There’s different types of geocaches and the app explains it all. It really is a fun adventure.



For this one, you could take any items as long as you replace it with one of your own.


Everyone had a blast!

Also recently, we had a girls music group rise up in church and now they have enough songs ready to go for a concert. Julia and Milene joined to make Projeto J and it’s been a blessing to have the girl’s music ministry in church. Here’s some of their videos.


New converts have come in recently with a burden for their friends and family and we’ve had visitors from our English classes and movie nights in the Plazas… It’s a wonderful time when you see the fruit of your labor!

God has a wonderfully faithful way of preserving us from one service to the next, one revival to the next, or one conference to the next!!!

We’ve specifically been praying for breakthrough in certain areas and in the revival that just finished we saw many of those prayers answered.

Every revival leaves us with such joy and feeling so blessed it’s hard to put into words. This one was especially special because it seemed God was waiting for all these souls to enter His presence and leave changed. Myself included. It was a privilege to witness and be apart of it all. Every night we had brand new visitors walk in and several different ones each night. Some brought multiple people with them the next night because they were healed and wanted the same for their loved ones! Awesome! I was left speechless. Which isn’t a common thing… Haha!



Many words were given as well,  also to my husband, daughter and me. God is so faithful.


Usually, when we have visitors there’s some downtime but this time was go, go, go and it was awesome and gave us time to visit not one, but two waterfalls! Whup! Whup!

First, we went to Lavras Novas to a waterfall,  there’s many in that area so who knows which we ended up at. It was farther than Serra do Cipó (which we’d already been to) so we decided we’d go somewhere new and someone had just recommended it to us. It was about a 2 1/2 very scenic drive.




While everyone got in the water, I thought, I’ll sacrifice and keep an eye on our things…. Really I didn’t wanna get in cuz the water was icy cold…. 😰

However,  I still regret it because I met the nastiest, most horrible bugs ever. The borrachudo. Or in English,  the black fly. They look so harmless. Like, little black gnats landing on your legs (because they can’t fly high enough to destroy any other part of your body…. Losers).

You don’t even feel the bite at first because of the numbing agent in their saliva. At first,  I didn’t understand why everytime I looked down I had these small red bloody holes in my skin. I would think, “I don’t remember cutting myself on a branch or scraping myself on a rock..?” It didn’t even click til after an hour of swatting them off and after finally feeling the pain that they weren’t just a nuisance! Oh no…. It wasn’t until later…. That I would realize what had been bothering me. 😠

Once we got to the car the bites had begun to hurt and the skin around them had turned red! Each day got worse as my legs itched and itched! I still haven’t worn anything above my ankles because the marks are so ugly. Maxi dresses aren’t that great in hot, humid weather… But it’s cooled down so I’m soooo thankful. Ok… So some of y’all probably think I’m exaggerating a bit, but a quick google search will show you that you never wanna cross these nasty, nasty bugs!
This is a pic of one leg. The other is just as bad and the back of the leg is worse! The second day the marks were darker and turning purple. 😥 Be forewarned. Run from these nasty, tiny beasts. More than a week later and the bites still look nasty and itch!


Ok…. Enough anger.  Now on to more happiness!

Serra do Cipó….


Absolute beauty. I’ve posted a pic of this before but….. Sigh…… So beautiful. Tão tão TÁO bonita!!!







I can’t end a blog about a week with Mr. Jeremiah Wacker without talking about Indian food!
Yes, he did find an Indian restaurant for us. Yes,  we are thankful. I gotta say…. It was delicious! We’ll definitely be going back for some dates nights. C’mon somebody!!!
Thank you for the recommendation!



This week was amazing. A break from the norm and much needed time with God and friends and family. For a quick praise report… Several visitors from the revival showed up for church today! 👏


What a privilege it is to serve God, anywhere, let us always remember that. Let us teach our children to love the will of God no matter where it takes us. No matter where He takes us. For how could we feel anything else if we truly trust in Him??? That doesn’t mean there won’t be hard times but we can still faithfully love the will of God through it all!
Pray for us as we pray for you. Let’s take this world for Jesus!


Tchau for now!
Melody 🎵



Happily married Christian mother of two. Gave my life to Jesus at 17 in 1997. He saved me, cleansed me, turned my life and set my feet upon His solid ground. Love Brazil & the US, love to read, love technology and love to homeschool my children and date my husband.

15 thoughts on “Perserve

  1. Wow! I am so happy for you all. God is moving in Brazil! The waterfalls look gorgeous by the way. I can’t wait to visit them one day. You all are always in our prayers. Can’t wait to see Julia for bootcamp 😉

  2. It looks so beautiful over there and I am amazed by all the people in your church. To think they wouldn’t be there had u not made the sacrifice. I can’t believe how big Julia is getting. It’s good to hear how involved she is. It was really good to hear from you. Miss you guys and keep doing what your doing.

  3. The smile on all those people in service is priceless😂😋😂 what a blessing to see souls open to the gospel🤗 You are so far..yet seem so close. Thank you for sharing your journey with us here back at home. You are always in our prayers and are believing God for breakthrough in Belo😄😉

  4. Its so awsome to hear from you, we miss you thank you for sharing. I get so caught up with life that we forget what God is doing. He is such a big God moving in a powerful way in Brazil. Hope to see you soon.

  5. It is so beautiful over there; those waterfalls looked gorgeous!
    And geocaching! I used to geocache and I totally forgot about it! I’m totally gonna start doing it again.
    Glad to hear and see the church is growing! It’s always a blessing to have an evangelist come and minister. It helps us as much as it helps the church. We’ll be having Jeremiah Wacker in July; very excited to see God move in that revival!
    Loved the blog:) take care!

  6. Great to hear from you. We miss you tell Julia she looks so grown up so beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. miss you melody! happy to hear everyone is doing great. the scenery is breathtaking, can only imagine how much more beautiful in person.

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