3 Months Past

Hello!!! My goodness…it’s been a long time. My apologies. I just hadn’t felt like blogging lately…. sometimes we just need to take a step back and spend more time with Jesus. I missed it though! download_20150725_104829 Last year, we were denied our visas. It was frustrating. We should be able to renew our visas here in Brazil; however, after being denied we had to start making plans to go back to our “country of origin” to reapply. This was definitely an inconvenience. However, after being in a foreign country for a little over a year it was nice to be able to enjoy some things from home. We scheduled our trip so we could attend our mother churches Harvesters Homecoming in April. It was such a blessing to get refreshed and see our friends and family! And eat all the food we’d been missing!!! I’m talking to you cold coffee and powdered donuts!

download_20150725_11191120150407_104941 Again, we received our visas without any problems. Thank goodness! The time we spent with our family was priceless….I don’t think we’ve had so much fun together just sitting around a table talking and laughing. Things are much more precious when they’re gone and we can’t take them for granted anymore; such as, time with family. 2015-04-18 12.40.40download_20150501_140144 Thanks to our family for helping with a last minute birthday party for Julia, who turned 13. My niece made this beautiful cake for her.

2015-04-18 12.32.01
Beautiful, right!?

Prior to this trip I had just came in contact with my sister; whom I had never met! We would finally be able to meet in person. I’d always known about her being put up for adoption before I was born. She grew up with such wonderful parents and was a pleasure to spend time with. Love you Shannon!!!

Our kids hit it off too!
Can you tell we’re sisters!?

After family time, it was time for Harvesters! I enjoyed it so much and soaked up all I could. April 2015 113 Thank you McAllen for everything! Thanks to Pastor & Nora for your support. Thanks to the congregation for blessing us with goodies and letting us know you’re praying for us and we’re not forgotten out here! It was humbling and meant so much to us. On Sunday morning Julia sang in Portuguese. She did great. I think I was more nervous for her than she was! Haha! She’s growing up so fast. I’m glad she’s using her talent to glorify God.

Then it was time to fly home. Our church was nervous we wouldn’t get approved for our visas (oh, ye of little faith). They thought we’d be gone for awhile but man cannot close doors which God has opened! Amen! I was glad to be heading home to Brazil but have to admit, it was bittersweet. My emotions definitely went up and down. Once in Brazil, my husband got back into the swing of things; but, it was a little harder for me. I felt like half my heart stayed in the U.S.; yet, I was also thrilled to be home in Brazil. download_20150725_122001 While difficult, I feel so fortunate that my life is full of people that I love. No matter where I am. July That was back in April; May and June came and went quickly with us settling back into homeschool, fellowshipping and outreaching the city. We were anticipating an invasion team from McAllen coming in July and it couldn’t get here fast enough! It’s one thing to go back to the U.S. and share pictures and stories; but it’s amazing to have people here to see for themselves and to take back their own stories….I’m mainly talking to you Deysi! Haha! This girl got to hand feed a monkey in the park. It was pretty awesome! download_20150725_173638

The invasion team got here early in the morning and just like any good host, Pastor Genaro had them outreaching by the afternoon. 😉

Thank you guys for your investment!!!

The team came ready with a drama and lots of music. Here’s some outreach pics. IMG-20150709-WA0014IMG-20150709-WA0010

Milito & Aecio – These guys are on fire and called to preach. Keep them in your prayers!


Jeremy & Elianna singing in central BH

Everytime they would do this skit hundreds of people would stop and watch. It was annointed. It was a beautiful thing to share this country with our friends from home. We made new friends; Deiana, Ozzy and Deysi and we reconnected with old friends; The Browns, Castillos, Francos, Morenos, Salinas’ and Jazzy. It was so sad to see them go but like the wise Dr. Seuss said… download_20150725_135838download_20150725_173629 The team was such a blessing and imparted so much into our church and our kids. Julia is inspired to start a girl group with Milene and Aecio rapped at the revival with Orlando Salinas. Our church has a vision for evangelizing, getting souls saved and coming early to pray with us before service! Praise God! They also challenged me to keep putting myself out there and keep speaking bad Portuguese. Haha! How could I not be inspired after seeing them witness to people using their spanish even though people here speak portuguese? I am already looking forward to the next time they come!!!

Nice touch! See the U.S. flag on the Brazil flag?

After the team left, we started a revival with evangelist Orlando Salinas and lucky for me his wife came as well. I enjoyed the fellowship so much, even though I was feeling sick. This couple has an amazing heart for people. It proved to be an emotional week for our church. There were lots of tears as everyone said good-bye. It was amazing to see all the bonds that were made in such a short time.

The Door Brazil says “Hello!”

So, that about wraps up the past 3 months. I missed you all! Leave me comments, let me know how you are, and keep in touch. Praying for you!!! Tchau for now!



Happily married Christian mother of two. Gave my life to Jesus at 17 in 1997. He saved me, cleansed me, turned my life and set my feet upon His solid ground. Love Brazil & the US, love to read, love technology and love to homeschool my children and date my husband.

7 thoughts on “3 Months Past

  1. Great Blog Melody. Julia sings so well! – I know her Grandfather Mark, would be very proud. Blessings to you guys as you bless so many around you.

  2. Great blog!
    I totally get the mix emotions you had- I felt the same way going back to our city after harvesters. It’s was so bittersweet!
    And I was so happy for yalls invasion team. I heard so many great things about it. Wish I could’ve gone😁
    Keep on keeping on👍 we are praying for you in Little Rock!!

  3. i’m so happy to see how God is blessing you guys in bello horizonte, our desire is to see the Lords hand in our ministry and speak about the good news of salvation… we pray for Bello Horizonte, keep us in prayers since we are planting the church on Nuevo Laredo Mexico

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