That’s how I feel right now. We just finished a revival with Pastor Rudy (aka Rui pronounced Huey) Estrada. That was what the teens in church called him. Lol. It was so awesome, so encouraging, so…. Refreshing! Probably more so for my hubby than me because they’re close buds but I’m so excited for all God did this week.

We all need refreshing. We pour our hearts and lives into our churches, homes, families, kids, jobs, ministries, etc. Geesh! I’m exhausted just from writing that list! I love revivals. They bring a much needed break from the norm. They bring a much needed shake up from our complacency. They stir our faith, reenergize our batteries, and get us out of our funk.

This one encouraged me so much! There were so many words given and healings that took place. I was overjoyed for our church. God didn’t leave us out and our family received a timely word as well. Our kids felt especially excited and spiritually fed this week.

Here are my kiddos answering the altar call again. My favorite night. 😂


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