A Year in Retrospect

     January 1st marked one full year since we bounded a plane for Brazil. Making that trip was the hardest yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Traveling New Years Eve wasn’t my first choice but that’s just how it worked out. As the clock struck midnight we were flying somewhere over South America. We couldn’t see much below except the lights at that hour. Our plane was large and only half full. At midnight, people started wishing each other a Happy New Year. Some were dancing in the isle and singing. Some were toasting and drinking. All were speaking Portuguese. It was overwhelming and I cried a little. I’m not even sure if I cried because I was sad, nervous or happy. Maybe I was just overwhelmed with all these emotions at once…?

     Then we landed and God opened door after door for us. I’ve learned so much just in this past year. Most stuff I knew already but God has either solidified some things or taught me new things. I want to be like clay in the Potters hands. The clay doesn’t fight the Potter but allows itself be molded. I pray I am always moldable. Here are some things I learned…

I have learned that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…
Of course I knew this already, I have the scripture memorized but it’s never as true as when you’re stretched beyond your limits or out of your comfort zone. That’s the moment you realize where your abilities end and when God’s begins. I love those moments although they’re painful at times. I tend to dream small and reachable but God has bigger plans for us, doesn’t He? I’ve been through some things this year but God has always shown me that He had my back. I’m still learning to have faith; before I worry.

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