Finally! Another Update!


My gosh! It’s been too long since I’ve blogged! Time slips by quick, doesn’t it? I saw my last post was from August 27th and thought I need to get to updating!

I have so many pics from these 2 months it’s hard to decide which to share! We’re still learning much about the Brazilian culture. The election just finish yesterday and the current president was reelected. I thought it was fascinating that Brazilian citizens have to vote. They have no choice, or they’re fined. In America, you hear people that never vote complain about the government and I personally think they have no right to complain. But here… complain away people! You’ve done your part.

Recently Brazil had a heat wave and it was HOT! Especially when you don’t have AC. One of my favorite things about Belo Horizonte is the weather. Even in the summer it’s beautiful, breezy and comfortably warm. However, it got hot! I had a mini panic attack because we weren’t here last year at this time and thought this will be the norm but no; it was just a heat wave. Record heat was recorded all over Brazil and the stores were sold out of fans. I was ready to sell a kidney so I could buy a portable AC! Jk…. Or am I???? Anyways, it’s back to being in the 80s and the 70s when it’s rainy. Nice, huh?

1st photo is from the heat wave, the 2nd is a normal summer.


Here’s Renato installing a fan at church. He got saved at the perfect time and used his electrician background to help!


I also got my first bout of salmonella poisoning. It was my second actually, first in Brazil. Our whole family ate in Mexico years ago just before it was announced in the news not to eat the tomatoes. Oops! We survived but it was not fun! This time it was only me. I’m finding it tedious work keeping my kitchen germ free, my veggies cleaned by soaking in a disinfectant and scrubbing eggs shells free of chicken feces. That’s my new life and I still love it! 2 weeks before that I had cut my hand and needed stitches. I was nervous about going to the ER here but was well taken care of by the doctor and nurse. Our friends made sure we got to the right hospital and that our kids were taken care of while I got stitched up. It was nice not to wash dishes for 2 weeks! hehe! I’m blessed to have a hubby that helps when I need it! Thanks honey!!! And let’s not forget kids old enough to clean! Ha!


Since my last post, my son had a birthday and a couple from our mother church arrived to pioneer this city also. It’s been great having a co-laborer here and we’re helping them get settled and praying for revival for them. God’s already opening doors for them and Pastor Bryan has already prayed for people to get saved. We look forward to seeing God move in this city! The harvest is plentiful. C’mon somebody!!!


Brazilians remind me of my Mexican friends back home. They love to celebrate, barbecue or have a party for anything. That makes me feel right at home! Once our church found out Bryan and Aisha were coming they starting planning a welcoming party for them. They wanted to have a churrasco (barbecue) for them after Sunday am service. So we did.

I still have much Portuguese to learn so planning things is difficult unless my husband’s translating for me and I had been praying that God would send me women to help me in this area and He has. I feel so blessed as the women in church help me plan things and serve. I’m so grateful for their love and patience with me. The bond I have with them is so strong and interesting considering our conversation is so limited.

The churrasco was fun! Barbecue here is different than south Texas. It’s delicious but, to me, nothing can beat Valley barbecue! Fajita, pico, lime, potato salad, charro beans, corn tortillas….. Oh my! Saudade!!! Here the meat is usually cut and cooked on skewers. My favorite is chicken wrapped in bacon. My kids actually like the chicken hearts! They actually taste good but just knowing it’s a chicken heart…yuck….I just can’t enjoy them. So far everyone that I’ve seen here eats the meat as it comes off the grill. I’m used to filling a plate when everything’s finished cooking and eating then. Here, we eat for hours! The only side is usually simple white rice cooked with garlic and salt. There’s also their version of pico de gallo called vinaigrette. It’s basically the same but without jalapeño but bell pepper added and no cilantro. It’s all very yummy. They also have to have farofa, which is like a corn meal that you dip your meat in. To me, it’s pointless as it has no flavor but they must have it. To each his own… Here’s some pics I stole from my hubby of the churrasco.




I’ve told you about a Brazilian dish I love called Nhoque…well I finally learned how to make it! Aisha came along too. Jane, a lady in our church had us over and taught us. They’re basically just potato dumplings. You make mashed potatoes and seasoned however you like with butter and then roll spoonfuls around in flour, roll into a snake shape, cut and then drop in boiling water for a few minutes. Jane adds her Nhoque to seasoned ground beef but I added mine to carne guisada! Delish both ways! You can add to chicken with gravy also. I guess like chicken and dumplings.

Here’s a pic of us in “cooking class”. My eyes are closed but oh well…


Next I want to learn to cook Brazil’s version of refried beans, called tutu de feijao. They blend their beans in a blender or food processer instead of using a bean masher! Why didn’t we ever think of that!? Some ladies then pour tomato sauce on top (without stirring) and add chopped boiled egg (Say WHAT!!??). That’s what I thought too but it tastes so perfect together! Then add in some chopped sausage! Boom! Delicious!


We’ve had an awesome time getting to know everyone and fellowshipping. Our last fellowship I made tacos and they’ve never had them. Some of them were eating them with a fork and knife because Brazilians have a thing about eating with their hands. It was so fun to watch! They did like them BTW! We also introduced them to the game Farkle and they love it! Here’s a video of a round.

Then this month our son turned 10! I told the church I’d probably bring a cake to church for a mini celebration. Then everyone pitched in and brought some salgados (finger foods), another cake and gifts! It was so nice. Jason felt very special on his special day. Yay! Here’s video of us singing Parabens pra Voce.

 Jason’s cruisin’ in the double-digits now!


We also took Jason hiking for his birthday. There’s a beautiful park here called Mangabeiras Park. It’s huuuuuuge! It’s basically built into the mountains and forest. They’ve built a skatepark, playground, pond, lots of trails and other things into it as well. It’s a beautiful area. There’s a bus that drives through to give people rides because it’s so big and it’s tiring to walk the whole thing. Here’s some pics!

The kids are blessed to have such a playful Dad! lol!


These stairs went up, up,and UP!


And brought us here… you can see the city and get an idea of how far away we were. Look at that forest!!!

14 - 1 IMG_20141018_164521059

Here’s part of the playground area. This was HARD to walk/run on.



Church is going great, we have the same people coming that came during Mark Morales’ revival! God is really moving in the lives of these people. They pass out flyers, invite people and love gospel preaching. We are praying for their families to come to salvation.

The church nursery is where the kids and I learn the most Portuguese! It’s amazing how much easier it is to learn from children. I took some video of Jason playing with 2 boys. This is Kaique and Lua. They beg their mom to  bring them to church because they love playing with Jason. They don’t talk much, haha, but boys have never needed words! Although Jason can speak more Portuguese than this, he still tries to communicate as much as he can without it. He’ll speak more when he’s more confident. The kids love feeling like an important part of pioneering, and they are.

Lastly, I wanted to share a video of my hubby preaching in Portuguese. It really is a miracle that after 8 months he’s able, we give God all the glory for that! Don’t stop praying for me to learn! Remember, I don’t speak Spanish and need all the help I can get! I can’t even fathom speaking conversational Portuguese and this guy is trilingual now! Praise God! He’s able to translate just in time for our revival next month with Pastor Rudy Estrada. I can’t wait to share photos and all God’s going to do in that revival. We appreciate him and his church for their investment in Brazil.

We finally got around to adding some color in the church!


I guess that’s about it! Thanks for tuning in! Peace Out!





Happily married Christian mother of two. Gave my life to Jesus at 17 in 1997. He saved me, cleansed me, turned my life and set my feet upon His solid ground. Love Brazil & the US, love to read, love technology and love to homeschool my children and date my husband.

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