Finally! Another Update!


My gosh! It’s been too long since I’ve blogged! Time slips by quick, doesn’t it? I saw my last post was from August 27th and thought I need to get to updating!

I have so many pics from these 2 months it’s hard to decide which to share! We’re still learning much about the Brazilian culture. The election just finish yesterday and the current president was reelected. I thought it was fascinating that Brazilian citizens have to vote. They have no choice, or they’re fined. In America, you hear people that never vote complain about the government and I personally think they have no right to complain. But here… complain away people! You’ve done your part.

Recently Brazil had a heat wave and it was HOT! Especially when you don’t have AC. One of my favorite things about Belo Horizonte is the weather. Even in the summer it’s beautiful, breezy and comfortably warm. However, it got hot! I had a mini panic attack because we weren’t here last year at this time and thought this will be the norm but no; it was just a heat wave. Record heat was recorded all over Brazil and the stores were sold out of fans. I was ready to sell a kidney so I could buy a portable AC! Jk…. Or am I???? Anyways, it’s back to being in the 80s and the 70s when it’s rainy. Nice, huh?

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