Hey Everyone!!!

It’s Tuesday and a wonderful day. We’re having a wonderful time here in Brazil. The weather’s warming up but it’ll never be as hot as South Texas. I miss my family and friends, but not that heat! Today it was in the mid 80s. It was humid by Brazilian standards but very comfortable weather by Texas standards.

The kids finished school early so we rushed out of the house. We haven’t had much fun lately so it was time to bless the kiddos with what they wanted to do. Of course, they wanted to go to one of the beautiful parks here. There’s many and all are very different depending on what you want to do. Today they decided on row boating.


Julia is old enough to row herself so I get to sit back and relax. Yay!



This is the park where we usually go to look for monkeys but we didn’t see any this time. Oh well… Maybe next time. This park is in the center of Belo Horizonte. I read they actually modeled it after New York’s Central Park. The people here say this park is ugly but I think it’s beautiful, but they haven’t seen the parks I was used too! Sorry RGV! There are more beautiful parks here, maybe that’s what they’re basing this info on.




I’m fascinated by the trees! So many different kinds in one area. Amazing! The parrots are beautiful as well. Imagine seeing many beautiful green parrots flying everywhere! Out of cages!


After we walked the park and finished row boating. We bought the kids a bag of dog food each so they could feed the fish in the lake…and the ducks and geese.



Then they went tree climbing!


Julia went higher and got stuck and I had to climb and help her down. It was hard getting back down. I’m getting old… Or out of shape!?

I thought this was awesome! It’s a swing for a child in a wheelchair. Nice to see they have these available!


After all this fun we went to the grocery store. We needed some extra things to make hamburgers for dinner. We have a joke with our friends here because they think Americans eat bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Ha! It’s true! Considering the U.S. now has places where you can get bacon in your ice cream, we couldn’t deny it. They love teasing us. Of course, we purchased bacon and then we found something so awesome!!!!!! We hadn’t seen it anywhere here yet and none of our friends had heard of it!


These are different than the ones here. Brazil’s avocados are huge and have a sweeter taste. The outside is medium green and the inside looks the same. They eat them as a smoothie or with lime, sugar and cream.

We told them we eat them with lime and SALT and they were astounded! They also couldn’t imagine us eating them on hamburgers. We bought enough and smothered the hamburgers for dinner tonight. Ah! I’m so happy! I LOVE avocados!

Some grocery stores here don’t have bags so we have several reusable ones now. This store had plastic bags but you bag them yourself. We have a joke within our family that everything is more difficult in Brazil… And it is! Inconvenient, would a better word.


I also bought a pair of sunglasses at the store and we had to walk all over the store looking for someone to cut the sensor off! You’d think, if they sold this stuff they’d be prepared with proper tools. But…no. It’s OK, we laugh about it and quote Brian Regan often.

This clip reminds us of living here. Everything takes forever here. Our family has a great sense of humor and I figure we’re not in America so we don’t expect to work like we are. This is too funny!

Lol! This isn’t even an exaggeration. When you purchase something here you get the item and get in line to pay… Right? Nope. First, you pick out your item and hand it to the item handling person who then takes it to some unknown place and gives you a ticket. Then, you take your ticket to a register and pay. Now you need to figure out where to take your receipt and then hand it over, and someone will go get your purchase. I believe this is why Brazilians are exceptional at waiting.

Brazil has an awesome check out lane for the elderly, pregnant women and anyone with a baby. I think that’s awesome! We have an embarrassing story about waiting in that line before we knew it existed! I’ll share that for another time. Haha! There’s so much you don’t know when you’re in an unfamiliar country with no one to guide you!

There’s a new restaurant next to the grocery store that sells hot dogs called Doggies. Hot dogs are common here, but this restaurant is different because they advertise American hot dogs. If you know me, you’d know that I LOVE hot dogs! Oh so much! I love them with chili, cheese, tomatoes and banana peppers…. Yummmm! The first time I saw this restaurant they didn’t have chili dogs. That made me sad. The Brazilian toppings are too weird for me. BUT! Today I noticed that they added the chili dog to their menu!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy! Oh, how I missed chili! I do make my own but I missed the mediocre chili you buy in the can. Lol!



It’s was a wonderful Tuesday! Nothing special, just another day alive. Another day blessed and thankful for my life and family.

Church Update

The church is doing great. We have people every service except Sunday mornings. (Several churches don’t even have a Sunday am service) We’ve moved our services to an earlier time because Brazil shuts down and stops on the weekend, religiously. Lunch is an affair not to be messed with. Anyways, early service will work better here so people can put God first and have their faithful lunch with family as well. We’re praying the church will be full EVERY service! Amen! God is worth it!

It’s strange driving around on the weekends here. All is quiet. Almost all is closed. While America is busy with people shopping, running errands, eating out, etc. All stores are closed here and most restaurants too. The malls are open but stores open late, after lunch. It’s taking some getting used too. It’s good though, because people are home on the weekends when we outreach. The weekend is when I feel it the most that we’re living with another culture very different than what were used too. I confess though, I love the slowness of life here and the simplicity of it as well. There is still this personal element of relationships that hasn’t been completely robbed by technology yet.

I’m amazed by the people we’ve met and relationships we’ve made already. We have some truly wonderful people coming to church and in our lives. We are blessed to know them. We are so blessed to be here in Brazil! Happy Tuesday!


To all you future missionaries…


into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15



Happily married Christian mother of two. Gave my life to Jesus at 17 in 1997. He saved me, cleansed me, turned my life and set my feet upon His solid ground. Love Brazil & the US, love to read, love technology and love to homeschool my children and date my husband.

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