1st Revival

Oi Amigos!

It’s time for another update! We just finished our first revival here in Brazil. All thanks to God because it was very fruitful. It was much needed for the church and for us. Mark and Idalia Morales came from our mother church in McAllen, TX to bless us with a revival. It was an extra blessing for us because they’re friends of ours. They were our bible study leaders when we first got saved as teenagers so it was nice to reminiscence and marvel at what God is doing here in Brazil with them. I especially enjoyed the joking and laughing in my native tongue!!!

Of course, we took them sight-seeing because there’s not much else to do here but the view compensates for that.                            On to the report!

Even though we’ve had bible studies faithfully every Sunday night for a few months it wasn’t very fruitful. We enjoyed our time with the family that came faithfully but it was challenging getting new people to come to our home. This is why we were so excited to finally have the building ready!  People would fellowship with us but tell us they’d come to church when the building opened. Thankfully, they kept their word!

I was nervous for our first service because of the language barrier but all went well and I’ve actually learned some Portuguese from a precious little girl in our nursery.

Julia’s heart is for children. She just loves them and they love her! Here she is with Sara.

The families we’ve gotten to know all showed up for the revival and brought visitors every service. They said Sunday night you’re gonna need more chairs! Unfortunately, we didn’t have that problem but their family did show up plus several friends. It was great seeing them in church!

Sunday night – The church has only been open one week so it was amazing seeing everyone that came! Praise God!
Tuesday night

Each night we had people getting saved, healed or filled with the Holy Spirit! Others got a vision for the church when they saw all the visitors. One lady was healed from pain in her arm. My daughter was having back pains for a whole month and was healed. Also, a young boy that is deaf could hear! It was awesome!
Here’s a picture of us on the last revival service. Only a few people are missing.

Wednesday night


One family has had us over for every holiday, birthday parties and lunch, dinner, etc, they feel like family to us. They’re so hospitable and invited us over for lunch with Mark and Idalia twice. They even blessed them with gifts for themselves and their kids. Told ya they’re so hospitable!

We ate macarrão na chapa (spaghetti) it was delicious!

Notice the red chili on the plate… They think all Mexicans eat everything with chilies so they bought them just for us! So thoughtful! But these were hoooot!

Can you believe this is a lime!? It’s a mandarin lime hybrid, also called Rangpur or limão cravo. Very acidy, like a regular lime.

The second time we went for lunch they cooked a dish called nhoque…Oh My Goodness! It’s my new favorite Brazilian dish! Here’s a picture I borrowed from online.

This has dumplings and ground beef. It came over to Brazil with the Italian immigrants. Main ingredients are flour and potato.

Mark and Idalia ate good this week but are a little tired of pasta. We ate pasta two other times they were here too (all cooked differently though). Brazilians love pasta!


There is not a lot to do here but take in the view. However, there’s several places to go where the view is breathtaking. I’ve already posted several of those pics, so that’s where we took them. And of course, shopping for souvenirs.

This is a famous church designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.


A random tree pic because that’s how I roll…

Then…. We went to tour the stadium! The one here in Belo is the second largest in Brazil. The kids were super excited to see where Neymar, Luiz, The Hulk and Thiago got game ready.


Locker Room
Must be nice having this when your sore!
This is a list of all the games played in this stadium.




We taught our friend the word photo bomb with this picture.
View from the VIP section
Jason stood and hugged this awkwardly while everyone waited for him to move so they could take pics. Lol!

That was the end of our week. It ended way to soon but as Dr. Seuss said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” We felt stirred and refreshed by all that went on this week. Now the honeymoon is over and it’s time to outreach, outreach, outreach! There’s an amazing expectancy and I know God wants to do wonderful things for the people here in Belo Horizonte! We’re privileged to be along for the ride!


P.S. I want to extend a VERY special thanks to our friends that blessed my kids and I with gifts and goodies! And a card that made me cry! Love you all! I hear a lot about the appreciation for the sacrifices we’re making by coming here but to be honest it feels like more of a privilege. I know we’re making “sacrifices” but it doesn’t feel like a “sacrifice“…. If that makes any sense!? That being said, thank you for making us feel loved and appreciated! My kids were especially touched beyond words… And that rarely happens. Lol! Muito Obrigada! (Thank you so much)




Happily married Christian mother of two. Gave my life to Jesus at 17 in 1997. He saved me, cleansed me, turned my life and set my feet upon His solid ground. Love Brazil & the US, love to read, love technology and love to homeschool my children and date my husband.

5 thoughts on “1st Revival

  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! This post made me cry happy tears for y’all and because of all that God is doing there! Amazing! I spy FRITOS!!!! yay! God is good!
    Love y’all and am honored to have y’all as friends… And to call you my Fudgy!

  2. Words cannot express what Mark & I feel after spending this past week in Belo. We are so thankful & privileged to be able to experience the beginning of a great work. We were in awe at just listening to Genaro speak fluent in Portugese! I must admit I cried a little seeing Jason & Julia so excited our first service singing worship songs in Portuguese. My heart was filled with so much joy. The people are so humble & very hospitable(they love to fellowship!) Thank you guys we had an amazing time & we give God all the praise. Can’t wait to go back! Brazil4 Jesus

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