Hey Everyone!!!

It’s Tuesday and a wonderful day. We’re having a wonderful time here in Brazil. The weather’s warming up but it’ll never be as hot as South Texas. I miss my family and friends, but not that heat! Today it was in the mid 80s. It was humid by Brazilian standards but very comfortable weather by Texas standards.

The kids finished school early so we rushed out of the house. We haven’t had much fun lately so it was time to bless the kiddos with what they wanted to do. Of course, they wanted to go to one of the beautiful parks here. There’s many and all are very different depending on what you want to do. Today they decided on row boating.


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1st Revival

Oi Amigos!

It’s time for another update! We just finished our first revival here in Brazil. All thanks to God because it was very fruitful. It was much needed for the church and for us. Mark and Idalia Morales came from our mother church in McAllen, TX to bless us with a revival. It was an extra blessing for us because they’re friends of ours. They were our bible study leaders when we first got saved as teenagers so it was nice to reminiscence and marvel at what God is doing here in Brazil with them. I especially enjoyed the joking and laughing in my native tongue!!!

Of course, we took them sight-seeing because there’s not much else to do here but the view compensates for that.                            On to the report!

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Ready, Set, Go!!!


Hello everyone!!!
It’s been a busy two weeks! Thank goodness! We love being busy. We’re so happy to have a building and ready to labor in this city! Our new church building needed some walls to come down and that made it filthy with dust everywhere! I think we swept 10 times before finally mopping…. 4 times! The Brazilians thought we were weird because we didn’t hire anybody to paint and clean for us but as most of you pioneer’s know, if we can do it ourselves… We will! I love the end result but much still needs to be decorated so I’ll post some prettier pics later.

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