We Saw the World Cup Trophy!


We are not soccer fans. We’re not even sports fans. We claim to like the Lakers, but never make an effort to actually watch a game or keep tally of wins and losses. However, living here we knew we wanted to make an effort to appreciate a sport that is so important to our new home country. I knew soccer, or futbol was insanely popular here but I wasn’t aware of the extent of that passion. Even the school schedule will revolve around the World Cup schedule. Every park we go to we see young babies carrying soccer balls. We also see young kids to older men playing soccer. There’s places to play soccer everywhere. The soccer balls I see kids playing with are filthy and well worn in. We bought our kids a ball each when we first got here and they’re still in perfect condition. Haha.

Last week, my hubby was having lunch with someone and he informed him that the World Cup Trophy was touring 88 countries; 27 cities listed on the tour are in Brazil and Belo Horizonte is one of them. So they went and checked it out. The venture was cool enough for him to want to take us. So we paused our school day and off we went. It was really interesting, not because we’re fans but because of the excitement and history. Brazil’s history especially.

Wikipedia states:

“The 19 World Cup tournaments have been won by eight different national teams. Brazil has won five times, and they are the only team to have played in every tournament. The other World Cup winners are Italy, with four titles; West Germany, with three titles; Argentina and inaugural winners Uruguay, with two titles each; and England, France, and Spain, with one title each.

The World Cup is among the world’s most widely viewed sporting events; an estimated 715.1 million people watched the final match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany.”

Here’s some info about the trophy I thought was fascinating; again from Wikipedia:

“From 1930 to 1970, the Jules Rimet Trophy was awarded to the World Cup winning team. It was originally simply known as the World Cup or Coupe du Monde, but in 1946 it was renamed after the FIFA president Jules Rimet who set up the first tournament. In 1970, Brazil’s third victory in the tournament entitled them to keep the trophy permanently. However, the trophy was stolen in 1983, and has never been recovered, apparently melted down by the thieves.

After 1970, a new trophy, known as the FIFA World Cup Trophy, was designed. The experts of FIFA, coming from seven different countries, evaluated the 53 presented models, finally opting for the work of the Italian designer Silvio Gazzaniga. The new trophy is 36 cm (14.2 in) high, made of solid 18 carat (75%) gold and weighs 6.175 kg (13.6 lb). The base contains two layers of semi-precious malachite while the bottom side of the trophy bears the engraved year and name of each FIFA World Cup winner since 1974. The description of the trophy by Gazzaniga was: “The lines spring out from the base, rising in spirals, stretching out to receive the world. From the remarkable dynamic tensions of the compact body of the sculpture rise the figures of two athletes at the stirring moment of victory.” This new trophy is not awarded to the winning nation permanently. World Cup winners retain the trophy until the next tournament and are awarded a gold-plated replica rather than the solid gold original. At the present, all members (players, coaches, and managers) of the top three teams receive medals with an insignia of the World Cup Trophy; winners’ (gold), runner-ups’ (silver), and third-place (bronze). In the 2002 edition, fourth-place medals were awarded to hosts South Korea. Prior to the 1978 tournament, medals were only awarded to the eleven players on the pitch at the end of the final and the third-place match. In November 2007, FIFA announced that all members of World Cup-winning squads between 1930 and 1974 were to be retroactively awarded winners’ medals.”

Needless to say, there was quite a line. However, not as bad I’d thought it’d be but that’s probably because we went during the day while most people were working.


Once you enter you go through a series of rooms. The first two rooms had huge screens set up. The first room had the soccer balls that were used for each game displayed in glass cases.


These were on the right side of the room. On the left where the screens were, you could play a Brazilian samba version of Just Dance or race down the soccer field on the kinect.


In the next room they showed the FIFA World Cup video sponsored by Coca Cola, it was so awesome seeing teams from all over the world.

Click here if you wanna see it.  FIFA World Cup Trophy 2014 Coca Cola Tour

After the video, we were taken down this long, red hallway with hearts all over the walls.


What was really cool about this hallway is that you could hear a loud heartbeat; because in the next room was the trophy. Some of the hearts were blinking.


Finally! The Trophy! Behind a thick glass, of course.





Everyone got to pose with the trophy and receive a picture and a coke for free! That’s a lot of pictures! Thanks Coca-Cola!

Outside they had games for the kids.


This was our kids favorite. They tie a bungee cord around their waist and then they have to run forward and knock the ball out of the girls hand.



Then we went inside the mall for some ice cream. The tour of the trophy was set up in the parking lot. Some of the malls here are beautiful, this one is 3 stories. It’s far from where we live so we don’t shop here usually. Muito bonito!



So that was our day with the trophy!

On To Testimonies!

Now on to a praise report! We had a bible study at our interpreter’s home. His mom wanted to invite all her neighbors and thought they’d be more willing to come if it was at her house. They really love the studies and are so faithful. Before we moved here, I remember hearing about missionaries in our position that used interpreter’s and they had gotten saved and were a great help to them. I’d been praying for that, especially after hearing about interpreter’s that said other things or took advantage! I’m so glad to report that not only did our interpreter get saved in the first conversation with my husband, but it was also over the phone! His parents came to the first study and got saved as well and haven’t missed a service since. We were excited to have it at her house and two of her neighbors came and her other son stayed for the study as well. Her other son ended up getting saved! How awesome! The parents are very happy and we’re excited to see what God does in this family. Our interpreter’s brother speaks english as well, which is a blessing because we were already praying for another interpreter because ours works odd hours sometimes.



Keep praying for us, God’s opening doors here and we’re excited. We’re starting paperwork for a building on Monday and praying everything goes through. God already moved because the owner went down in price! It’s awesome because the Realtor said he’d never go down but we serve a mighty God and he wants this church here in Belo. Keep praying for open doors!


P.S. My husband started blogging as well; check out his blog pioneeringbrazil.wordpress.com


Thanks to our family for blessing Julia with a skateboard for her birthday.



A Couple of More Pics!

Slackline in the park. This would be great for outreach.



Tchau for real this time!





Happily married Christian mother of two. Gave my life to Jesus at 17 in 1997. He saved me, cleansed me, turned my life and set my feet upon His solid ground. Love Brazil & the US, love to read, love technology and love to homeschool my children and date my husband.

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