I’m not a perfect speaker; but I think I can articulate my thoughts pretty well. I read somewhere, that apparently women speak an average of 20,000 words a day compared to a man’s 7,000! I do love to talk though. You know… and share my “feelings” but that’s a lot of words. I tend to go a little too deep sometimes, probably to the boredom of my friends. I’m female and can’t help myself.
I’m also a pretty good conversationalist. I can usually keep a conversation going and my distain for uncomfortable silences is probably what motivates me.
I love to encourage as well. If someone trusts me enough with their feelings, I love to offer them words of encouragement, share my own mishaps or just listen.
Oh and I enjoy a good debate.. I adapt to the philosophy “agree to disagree” which if adhered to, can make debates more pleasant. Of course some things are undebatable… Jesus IS the only way to heaven. Sorry to those who believe otherwise.
Something that I still have to work through is feeling misunderstood. I hate wondering, did that come across wrong? Or the infamous, I should’ve said this or that. I try not to obsess… but I do a little. I’ll probably be this way till I die but it kinda motivates me to be more careful and thoughtful about what comes out of my mouth. Continue reading “Misunderstood”


We Saw the World Cup Trophy!


We are not soccer fans. We’re not even sports fans. We claim to like the Lakers, but never make an effort to actually watch a game or keep tally of wins and losses. However, living here we knew we wanted to make an effort to appreciate a sport that is so important to our new home country. I knew soccer, or futbol was insanely popular here but I wasn’t aware of the extent of that passion. Even the school schedule will revolve around the World Cup schedule. Every park we go to we see young babies carrying soccer balls. We also see young kids to older men playing soccer. There’s places to play soccer everywhere. The soccer balls I see kids playing with are filthy and well worn in. We bought our kids a ball each when we first got here and they’re still in perfect condition. Haha. Continue reading “We Saw the World Cup Trophy!”