Making Friends and Keeping Busy

Hello All!

The trees in this country are AH-MA-ZiNG!
The trees in this country are AH-MA-ZiNG!

We just celebrated our first Easter here in Brazil, which is always a little strange when you don’t have a church building. When we pioneered Edinburg we didn’t have a building during Christmas and we hadn’t started working with people yet. That felt even more strange. Nevertheless, we have met some wonderful people here. We are already having bible studies as you know. We took communion during bible study. I had been asking my husband if we were going to have it. I really like the tradition of taking communion during Easter. So we decided even if it was just us we’d still take communion. Gladly though, we had others to partake with us. I always get a little emotional because I’m just so thankful and I’m still amazed at how God has blessed me, considering where I came from. He is so good. Continue reading “Making Friends and Keeping Busy”


It’s a Good Friday!

For my family here in Brazil, Easter seemed to take on a new meaning; or a refreshed meaning would be more accurate. We are here without all the American traditions and Easter is now exposed for what it should be. That led me to ponder and that pondering led to this post…

I woke up feeling especially emotional today. It’s Good Friday. The day we celebrate the death of my Savior on the cross. The day that the Good News resonates in our hearts.

I’m so grateful Jesus didn’t die to give us “religion”. I’m eternally grateful He had so much more in mind. I’m grateful He had you and me in mind all those years ago.
Today I’m also grateful for the hope I have in Him and that I can share that with others. Think about that with me…

What if we came to this nation and offered these people religion? Some people would love that, more traditions to add the long list of ones that already fill their empty lives. Continue reading “It’s a Good Friday!”

“How Are You Adjusting?”

“How Are You Adjusting?”

We get this question a lot…
It’s a good question. It’s a question uttered by people who care about us or people who are genuinely interested in what it’s like for Americans to uproot and move to another country.
Adjusting is something I’m accustomed to. Who isn’t!?? Life is full of opportunities to “adjust”.
There’s difficult adjustments like if your parents were divorced, if you’ve lost a loved one or lost a job. Then there are good adjustments like a pay raise, move, or getting sent out, etc. When I got saved, I had some “serious adjusting” to do in my life. When I got married…even more “serious adjusting”. Then our precious, demanding angels came into the world and, there we went, off to more adjusting. Then things calm down and you’re serving God, happily married and raising your children BUT life still throws more adjustments your way. Someone gets sick, someone loses a job, etc.
I remember when my husband had a job change and was making a lot more money, we made some adjustments and spent more money! It was nice to be out of debt and blessing ourselves with clothes, furniture and other things we weren’t able to purchase before, AND being able to give more tithes/offerings (every Christian knows how good that feels).
Then, there was the time the income decreased, and again, we made adjustments to our spending and other daily life situations. Was I bitter that now I had to stop getting my nails done or shopping? No, I was an adult and had learned that life takes adjusting to sometimes. Why fight it? The bible teaches that we can learn many valuable things through “our trials”. One thing that I’ve learned is the need “to adjust”. Continue reading ““How Are You Adjusting?””