Yesterday a couple coming to our bible study gave us a testimony. They said they were coming to the church that used to be here 3 years ago. They loved the Pastor and was very sad to see him go. They stopped going to church. They moved out of the city and their life had changed, not for the better of course.
I knew they were pleased we were here. The husband had told us vaguely. He’s been a tremendous blessing to us. He’d drive into town and then to the other side of town to pick us up from our hotel. He’d then, drive us to countless Realtors, stores, banks, and helped us sort through so much paperwork. Then he’d make phone calls for us to Realtors, government offices, appliance stores or anywhere we needed just to confirm we understood what we’d been told. You’d think he’d be overwhelmed doing so much for us. Instead he’d call and ask, “How are y’all doing” or, “Do you need anything?” Or simply, “I’m off this day and will pick you up.” We also found out he works at night. So he’d drive us around all day, then work all night. And, he’s married with children. I guess you can say our presence has kept him busy. We figured he’s like every Brazilian we’ve met, very kind and extremely helpful.
Now, back to the testimony. They said they’d been missing and praying about coming back to church but, their church was no longer here. See where I’m going with this? Since they first heard we were coming, everything has been falling into place for them. They’ve moved back into the city (close to us) close to their jobs, their son is in a school he loves. His wife said she asked God, if you’re real, please open doors for us and He has. I know from experience if you ask God to help you serve Him. He will. What a wonderful desire! I couldn’t understand what she was saying when she was telling my husband but I could see the look of pure joy on her face. I could feel God on this couple. It’s so humbling to be apart of it. They’ve asked to share this testimony with the others in bible study.
I’ll be honest. I was terrified to come here. God knew I would be. That’s why he spoke to me twice in conference. Our Pastor hadn’t even told us he was thinking about sending us until Wednesday afternoon at conference. It might sound crazy because I’m so thankful he hadn’t. I had confirmation from God and God alone. I always told my husband I’d follow Him anywhere and I would never say “no” to God. But… Missionaries? Definitely never saw that coming!
As my husband translated to me what they were saying my heart leaped with joy. It’s a joy found no where else. A soul is serving God again because we said yes. I know God could’ve done it without us but He CHOSE to use us. It always takes me back to when I got saved and the joy of feeling hope for the first time. Ahhhh…. no drug could compare to that feeling. I feel the hope that God could use us in this country. That people would be drawn to the crazy Americans because He lives in them.
Now church gives them something to do. Don’t you love that about church? It’s not about you anymore. Now we have good friends. Now we get together and play games. Good, clean holy ghost fun. Now we care about others besides ourselves. Then we have that burden to share what’s in us with others! Oh, how awesome!
Another guy coming to our bible study went out looking for a job after 3 years! C’mon somebody! Tomorrow he has a job interview.
All these things give me the validation my carnal nature craves.
We drive around and I see all the poverty. The news talk about all the corruption. I miss all my favorite foods and products! However, nothing, I repeat NOTHING compares to being where God wants you. My heart yearns for these people. I pray for a building soon because time feels like it’s wasting. I want a place to invite these people to worship. I’m excited to see what else God does here and I’m privileged to be apart of it.





Happily married Christian mother of two. Gave my life to Jesus at 17 in 1997. He saved me, cleansed me, turned my life and set my feet upon His solid ground. Love Brazil & the US, love to read, love technology and love to homeschool my children and date my husband.

11 thoughts on “Validation

  1. I luv to read ur blog!! Even brag bout our missionary frnds:) hehe….even though im going through alot rite now this helps me so much to know that those ppl not just had to adjust to change but didnt hve a church at all to go to and now r just eagerpto get it all bck gives me hope that I can wrk through my trials and all the changes that r to come!! This is truly amazin!!:)

  2. Wow that’s wonderful! God is just sending you people left and right and it’s only the beginning of all he has planned for you and your family. God wouldn’t leave you on your own so he had all this help waiting for you. God is good, glad your doing so well.

  3. Thank you for sending us the link to your Blog; I’m sharing it with other family members. What a blessing you guys are to those the Lord has sent you to serve. Thank you for doing His work!

  4. It really does feel good to be in God’s will. That is an awesome testimony. God has a reason for everything he does. God bless you and well pray for you.

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