Measuring Your RQ by Pastor Harold Warner

This is just to good not to share again. I read this with my single friends from back home in mind. However, as a married woman I enjoyed reading this! Great insight and my favorite post from Pastor Warner so far. Enjoy!


A Wife’s Interpretation Of The Building Hunt

Could their be anyone more frustrated than a Pastor without a church building?
Anyone that knows my husband, knows he’s a man of few words, a man not given to his emotions but I can see the frustration. I pray for a building daily, probably more for him than the people.
I have so much respect for Pastors, especially working pioneer pastors. I watched my husband work more than 40 hours a week as the boss of a branch for his ex-employment. THEN, he’d get home and play with/or listen to his kids, THEN he’d indulge his wife til her pretty little heart desired, THEN maybe even help me clean up, THEN start his sermon at midnight. Other days, he’d follow up on his way home from work. Then there’s preparing for bible studies, outreaches, etc. And you know that pioneers often do all this alone until disciples get a vision and join in the fun. Sometimes, he’d even help me clean church…! It’s nice having help sometimes. ὠ9
Now we’re in Brazil and he’s a full time pastor. Such a blessing! I see him trying to find his groove. He seeks out things to do daily and feels frustrated if he can’t find enough to do. I didn’t understand it at first. I’m just loving seeing him more often. However, its ingrained in a man to work. To conquer. To succeed. To build his territory. Its ingrained in a godly man to build God’s territory. Continue reading “A Wife’s Interpretation Of The Building Hunt”


Yesterday a couple coming to our bible study gave us a testimony. They said they were coming to the church that used to be here 3 years ago. They loved the Pastor and was very sad to see him go. They stopped going to church. They moved out of the city and their life had changed, not for the better of course.
I knew they were pleased we were here. The husband had told us vaguely. He’s been a tremendous blessing to us. He’d drive into town and then to the other side of town to pick us up from our hotel. He’d then, drive us to countless Realtors, stores, banks, and helped us sort through so much paperwork. Then he’d make phone calls for us to Realtors, government offices, appliance stores or anywhere we needed just to confirm we understood what we’d been told. You’d think he’d be overwhelmed doing so much for us. Instead he’d call and ask, “How are y’all doing” or, “Do you need anything?” Or simply, “I’m off this day and will pick you up.” We also found out he works at night. So he’d drive us around all day, then work all night. And, he’s married with children. I guess you can say our presence has kept him busy. We figured he’s like every Brazilian we’ve met, very kind and extremely helpful. Continue reading “Validation”

Making Home…Home.

Hello everyone! Hope all is well? I have so many blog ideas. This one will be about shopping, per se (and decorating on a budget). I actually loathe shopping. Weird for a woman, I know. I’m not sure why, but it’s how I am. If I HAD to choose something even a tiny bit enjoyable to shop for, I guess it’d be stuff for my home. With that said, you’d think I’d be in heaven considering we moved over here and had to start over and… shop for things for our home? Nah! It’s one thing to go shopping where you know where the good deals are, where the currency is in your native language, and the options are plentiful.

This is not the case in Brazil. I had envisioned a Brazilian store full of cheap options for my soon-to-be lovely eclectic Brazilian home. Options so plentiful I just couldn’t settle on what color scheme to choose. This idea is hilarious to me now that I’m here and trying to make our little apartment feel like home. I actually think I did a good job of that so far; BUT, it was work and took a lot of patience.

First of all, if you’re a foreigner wanting to rent in this country you need two cosigners or months of rent in advance. We had known this before we got here so we were prepared for the months in advance. However, we were still turned down by several realtors. Most apartment owners here use realtors. We submitted so much paperwork and we were still told no, several times. Money doesn’t talk in this country but we have something better on our side. God. Continue reading “Making Home…Home.”