Belo Horizonte

Oi Amigos!
We’ve been here for a total of 26 days now. We honestly haven’t done a whole lot of exciting things and there is a lot to do here…or maybe I should say a lot to see. Don’t get me wrong there IS lots to do but I’m kind of a homebody so everything that interest me is more visual.
Belo Horizonte, aka BH, or pronounced by locals as Be-aga; those who speak Spanish will know how to pronounce this, is already feeling like home despite the language barrier. Knowing a lil Spanish helps. I don’t technically speak Spanish but I’m insanely familiar with it because I’ve lived in the Rio Grande Valley, TX area since I was 16 and I’m 34 now. I know A LOT of Spanish words, it’s just putting those words into sentences that gets me. I seem to be having the same problem here (of course, since I don’t speak Portuguese), and my hubby, a Spanish speaking natural suffers the same struggles I had back home in the RGV. He FINALLY knows what it was like for me all those years! HA!
Portuguese is a beautiful language and don’t judge me, but I’m more excited about learning it than Spanish! It’s the French accents that get me…it’s so beautiful. My husband is picking it up faster than me, of course, because a huge amount of words are the same as in Spanish. I feel really safe with him guiding me and translating for me. Our first trip out of the hotel I wouldn’t go to the bathroom unless he followed me and waited outside the door! I know…I’m a silly American. Lol. I was just scared of the unknown. Now I can order food and ask where’s the bathroom on my own! HA! Onde e o banheiro? I also feel very safe here. You can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Of course, we don’t go into the dangerous neighborhoods, just like we didn’t back home. Luckily Brazil is one of those nations that has safe neighborhoods. Unlike some of my friends who are missionaries in more dangerous nations. But God has kept them safe 😉 He’ll do the same for us.
Belo is a huuuuge city. It doesn’t FEEL huge for some reason. Until we’re on top of a hill looking down and there’s plenty of that. It’s then that I’m amazed at the massiveness of it all. I’m in love with the mountains. I feel so privileged to see them daily. They call out to me! HA! I just want to go hiking. I think there’s a park for that and we’ll get to exploring more soon, once we get settled. I can’t wait to show our mother church around when they come for the invasion team. It’ll be fun watching them marvel as I do. Belo’s population is 2,479,175, as of 2013 and it’s surrounded by the metropolitan area, known as “Greater Belo Horizonte”. That area included raises the population to 5.15 million inhabitants. That’s a lot of souls.
I can’t get over how a people can build such a huge city into hills and mountains!??? But then, I hadn’t even left Texas, except for a few times. Today we went to a building called the Torre Altavila. It’s like the Tower of the Americas that you’ll find in San Antonio, TX. This one is wisely built on one the tallest hills outlining the city and the view is breathtaking.

Jan 2014 079Jan 2014 078


Here’s some views from the top of the tower…

Jan 2014 029Jan 2014 021


Jan 2014 043Jan 2014 075

Jan 2014 059 Jan 2014 060 Jan 2014 073

Across the street, before we entered the tower we saw some MONKEYS! I felt like a little kid. I just couldn’t believe it. Guess I forgot what country I was living in. LOL!

Jan 2014 005 Jan 2014 007 Jan 2014 012 Jan 2014 013

My kids weren’t to sure if they liked the idea of living in Brazil but after the monkeys, they are so excited to live in a city where you can go to a park and see monkeys as commons as squirrels. It was definitely the highlight of our day! Here’s two videos I took of the monkeys! In one of them Jason asked what would happen if it bit him and he got rabies. That’s why it starts with me telling him he’d have to go to the hospital. Just in case ya”ll were worried.

We miss you and send you much love from Brazil! Please remember to click on *Follow* so you’ll receive new blog post alerts through your email. I can only email everyone the link for so long! Lol! Embrace technology peeps!

Love you much,

The Navas

Jan 2014 034



Happily married Christian mother of two. Gave my life to Jesus at 17 in 1997. He saved me, cleansed me, turned my life and set my feet upon His solid ground. Love Brazil & the US, love to read, love technology and love to homeschool my children and date my husband.

8 thoughts on “Belo Horizonte

  1. Wow! I love the pics…. I got the link to your blog from Jasmine…. It is great to know that God has given yall such favor everything looks beautiful…. We are praying for yall…. God bless
    -Claudia Otero

    1. Hi Claudia! Great to hear from you! I was hoping everyone would pass around the blog and keep in touch. Yes, God has moved tremendously here. We should be starting bible studies soon, looking for a building so keep that in prayer! Keep in touch and you can follow the blog for emails of the next one. God bless!

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