Friendly Brasileiros!

  Oi from Brazil! I’ve been anticipating my new blog but since we’ve only been here 3 days I figured I should wait til I had more to say…However, God has blown my mind with how He has moved for us in such a short time. Like, an insanely short amount of time…right off the plane!

  We reached Belo airport at 2:30am Tuesday and we were exhausted! We didn’t get to sleep Monday night because we needed to be at the airport at 3am. Needless to say, we weren’t in the mood to deal with lost luggage. Three were lost, all mine, of course. AHH! Half my clothes, ALL my shoes. Now I’m so thankful that happened cuz we have a new friend. While we were making our baggage claim we met a Brazilian woman, we call her Nanda. She teaches English and is very fluent. Immediately we hit it off, she’s so helpful but as we now know, all Brazilians are. She’s offered to help us anyway she can and has been true to her word. She’s also open to the gospel. Praise God! We have four other people that offered to help in any way they can. This is a tremendous blessing considering three of them speak English and we’re living in an unfamiliar country. Even if someone doesn’t speak English they’ll help us order or try to give us directions. I guess you get my point…the people are friendly!

This country is crazy beautiful! The city’s built on hills so at times it feels like we’re driving up (or down) a mini mountain.  Our city is surrounded buy mountains, beautiful mountains, with the tall buildings at the center and homes around the edges. We’re able to walk to stores and restaurants from our hotel. We’re constantly walking uphill or downhill, it’s not easy but I’m enjoying the burn! Ha! The weather’s hot but not Rio Grande Valley hot so I’m not going to complain. I honestly love it here. We can’t wait to build Jesus’s church, to watch Him restore and change the lives of these people. It’s such a priviledge to do His will. It’s very easy to feel like a needle in a haystack but everyday God reminds us He’s gone before us and will be behind us. We’re learning Portuguese everyday and I long to be able to witness and share Jesus’ gospel on my own. Keep us in prayer we need an apartment soon. Living in a hotel is not the same as in America, it’s extremely inconvenient. I’m posting a lot of pictures with this blog, so I’ll stop here. Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask any questions in the comments!

This is Pope’s Hill. If you google it you’ll see it’s much more beautiful at night and you can see the whole city from here.


This is the same park as Pope’s Hill but lower down. Julia’s trying her best to make friends with this girl. They had fun playing tag and this motivated Julia to study Portuguese harder. These girls really wanted to talk to each other! The lady that barely comes out on the right is Nanda, the lady we met at the airport.


My hubby and Julia tried some coconut water. The kids couldn’t believe you could do that to a coconut!


The kids were sad and nervous at first but there’s so much to love about this place, it’s won them over. Plus, they too have seen God give us favor and are excited to do His will. 🙂


It’s so interesting but in the park several people had the tight ropes up! It’s a common activity here! We couldn’t help imagining outreaching in this park soon. Surreal!


This was my first view of the mountain. Breathtaking!…We’re staying at a hotel in the center so it’s hard to see the mountains cuz of the buildings but they are a lil visible. Just not like this!


This is at the top of Pope’s Hill standing closer to the edge. Google it and you’ll have a bigger appreciation of it at night. Big city, huh?


This is a market close to our hotel. There’s so many fruits I’ve never heard of.


Some brasileiros shopping in the center of Belo…


More shopping…clothes are nice but pricey here.


Here’s Jason cooling off by the fountain…


Hope you enjoyed the pics! Follow the blog if you wanna be emailed everytime I post something new and you can leave comments here. We’d love to hear from you! God bless and pray for us as we pray for you. My next blog will probably be on the food.





Happily married Christian mother of two. Gave my life to Jesus at 17 in 1997. He saved me, cleansed me, turned my life and set my feet upon His solid ground. Love Brazil & the US, love to read, love technology and love to homeschool my children and date my husband.

18 thoughts on “Friendly Brasileiros!

  1. Hello Navas

    Glad to here that you made it safely, and i thought it was hilarious to hear about your luggages being lost. Maybe you will find some brazilian woman wearing them on the street and it can be a way to witness to her. You never know God has a great sense of humor and we all know how you love humor. Lol. We pray that you find an apartment soon and please pray for us as we also fight the good fight.

    Your friends from the USA

    The Cantus can, can you? Lol

  2. Glad u made it ok. Sorry i didn’t make it to the airport I was all confused with the day. I was just gonna go cry anyway. Sorry bout your luggage but thank God for that lady. It’s amazing how God had all that prepared for your arrival. The city looks breathtaking and the coconuts huge. Your kids look very happy and excited as we all are for what’s gonna take place there. It is so nice to hear from you and see parts of your journey. Keep us posted.

  3. Hola! You have no idea how happy I was to read this blog! 1.) I know you made it there safely and 2.) you already seem to be in love with your city. Remember when I said “do not fear cause God is with you ” well actually His word says that but I just took the liberty of reminding you. God does not make mistakes and He has chosen your family for this time and that place. Those words that we have heard so often always ring true….there is no better place than the Will of God. We would have never imagined ourselves in these places in a million years, but here we are and God is faithful and never fails. I will look forward to reading your blog……your Mexican friend!

  4. Hey Mel,

    So anyway I wrote this whole awesome reply and then I clicked to start following you and it all got erased. So here I go again. (You know me I’m technologically retarded) I’m super super excited for you guys. It’s awesome how God has already put people in your life to help you further His kingdom. It will only get better and more exciting from here on out. You know I haven’t seen any pictures with you in them, I wanna see those too friend. That’s funny that your stuff is the one that got lost. We’ll keep praying God gives you more awesome opportunities to witness to the women there. Lol jk I can’t wait to hear what God does with your apartment and church building and location and everything. Keep us posted and I’ll keep you posted on the baby. We love you guys!

    Peace out friend!

  5. Fudge!!!!! Ya’ll made it…yay….but not your luggage…hahahahahaha….i mean,….boooo!!! lol jk that must stink but I’m soooo glad yall are safe and loving it there! Jeremiah and I just got to Prescott for Conference, excited! Will def be praying for yall and please keep blogging and I’m loving the pics but I agree with Stacey, I wanna see some with you in them!! I’m gonna be blogging more too but I’m sure they’re not gonna be as fascinating as your blogs!! Love you Fudgey!!

    Love Your NUT!!!

  6. Melody!!!!! I’m so happy you all arrived safely to Brazil. Please keep posting blogs with lots of pictures!! I’m so excited to go to the invasion team soon and fall in love with Brazil just like you all did! We will keep you in our prayers!!! ❤️- Gema

    1. Hey Gema! Great to hear from you! I’ve been taking lots of pics, will definitely be posting more soon! Make sure you follow! Take care and share my blog. I lost a lot of emails. 😦

  7. Hi melody! I’m so happy you guys made it safely to Brazil. I love all the pictures you posted and the story about the lady. God is definitely moving in that city! I can’t wait to go see you guys and see beautiful Brazil. I’m already saving to go for the invasion team and learning Portuguese😊 keep posting more!
    Love, Casandra❤️

    1. Oi Cass! So great to hear from you and can’t wait to show you as well and show yall around! Idk if i told you but i hv a good Portuguese ProgramnProgram i can send you through dropbox? Let me know if you’re interested. Tchau!

  8. A Blessing!!! To Be surrounded by so much beauty. God is amazing how he’s been sending people your way for translation. I’m Very excited for your family and am anticipating the changed lives that will come from all this. Glad You started this blog, you’ve captured great pictures of the city, people, and your family. Love you Melody, praying for u always! Tchau!

  9. Hi melody😁! Love the pictures. Its awesome to hear how God is moving for you guys. Love you and praying for you guys.
    Claudia villarreal

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