Belo Horizonte

Oi Amigos!
We’ve been here for a total of 26 days now. We honestly haven’t done a whole lot of exciting things and there is a lot to do here…or maybe I should say a lot to see. Don’t get me wrong there IS lots to do but I’m kind of a homebody so everything that interest me is more visual.
Belo Horizonte, aka BH, or pronounced by locals as Be-aga; those who speak Spanish will know how to pronounce this, is already feeling like home despite the language barrier. Knowing a lil Spanish helps. I don’t technically speak Spanish but I’m insanely familiar with it because I’ve lived in the Rio Grande Valley, TX area since I was 16 and I’m 34 now. I know A LOT of Spanish words, it’s just putting those words into sentences that gets me. I seem to be having the same problem here (of course, since I don’t speak Portuguese), and my hubby, a Spanish speaking natural suffers the same struggles I had back home in the RGV. He FINALLY knows what it was like for me all those years! HA! Continue reading “Belo Horizonte”


Friendly Brasileiros!

  Oi from Brazil! I’ve been anticipating my new blog but since we’ve only been here 3 days I figured I should wait til I had more to say…However, God has blown my mind with how He has moved for us in such a short time. Like, an insanely short amount of time…right off the plane!

  We reached Belo airport at 2:30am Tuesday and we were exhausted! We didn’t get to sleep Monday night because we needed to be at the airport at 3am. Needless to say, we weren’t in the mood to deal with lost luggage. Three were lost, all mine, of course. AHH! Half my clothes, ALL my shoes. Now I’m so thankful that happened cuz we have a new friend. While we were making our baggage claim we met a Brazilian woman, we call her Nanda. She teaches English and is very fluent. Immediately we hit it off, she’s so helpful but as we now know, all Brazilians are. She’s offered to help us anyway she can and has been true to her word. She’s also open to the gospel. Praise God! We have four other people that offered to help in any way they can. This is a tremendous blessing considering three of them speak English and we’re living in an unfamiliar country. Even if someone doesn’t speak English they’ll help us order or try to give us directions. I guess you get my point…the people are friendly! Continue reading “Friendly Brasileiros!”