God Speaks

Recently, I was having some mind battles. This particular day I was busy and I heard a song and it stopped me. I sat down and listened to the lyrics. Now, in our house we’re big music lovers. There is always music playing. I had heard this song hundreds of times but today it sang to my heart. I felt God’s presence as I listened. He spoke to me and comforted me. He did all this during a 3 minute song…He is truly amazing. Lol! Have you ever heard a song and it spoke to your heart so intensely? Or read a quote that gave you chills? It usually happens to me when I’m going through something. That’s when I hear God’s voice the loudest.
It’s amazing when you’re at your most vulnerable how everything seems like the voice of God. A song, a verse, a situation, a chapter, a comment, the BIRDS, and it goes on. I believe God is always speaking but WE hear more clearly when we’re hurting or struggling.  I thank God that during our trials our emotions allow us this privilege of becoming so sensitive, so accessible to His presence. He is truly omni-present during those times. He is more relevant, more loving, more understanding, more powerful. He makes those trials bearable.
When I’m able to realize this, during the hard times, I have such an appreciation for my heavenly Father. I really feel His arms wrapped around me telling me it’s gonna be ok. Sometimes we lose that when things are going good. We don’t pray as often, our emotional side isn’t as in tuned to God’s mercies. We don’t, dare I say, need Him as much. I finally felt like a “grown up” christian when I was honestly, truly able to thank God for my trial.  When I was able to see and be thankful for what He was doing in me through the trial.
Tonight I spoke with a friend of mine who is going through A LOT. She inspired,  or inspires, me.  She talked about how she’s done stressing and is putting everything in God’s hands. This is no small trial we’re talking about here, yet she says it with such conviction and certainty. I can truly see God’s grace and power through her. God speaks to me as I hear her talk,  speaks to me as I write this, I pray I’m always vulnerable enough to hear His voice.  I pray I can be thankful during my trial and I WILL listen because God speaks.



Happily married Christian mother of two. Gave my life to Jesus at 17 in 1997. He saved me, cleansed me, turned my life and set my feet upon His solid ground. Love Brazil & the US, love to read, love technology and love to homeschool my children and date my husband.

5 thoughts on “God Speaks

  1. Yes! I can definitely relate! I remember going through a really tough time when we were pastoring in the states with my older girls…my husband had asked the oldest to move out & the middle one had run away…we didn’t know where she was & the police couldn’t find her. Needless to say mind battles & pain, but one morning I was cleaning house & listening to a Tucson worship CD. The song “Blessed be Your Name” was playing and God showed up! Not physically, lol but it definitely felt that way! I truly understood that song…it wasn’t just words. It’s become a reference point in my life.

  2. I am glad He speaks because I wouldn’t be going to Brazil…. lol The problem is no God speaking but as listening and obeying. Glad your with me in this journey. Love you babe!

  3. Amen……god is soooo great……sometimes we look more @ the problem vs god…….jer. 29:11…….he has a plan……thank u jesus for ur grace n mercy……n for friends like u!!!!!

  4. Well I’m happy to know that I am not alone. I was having a really bad day, everyday problems…mind battles….feeling like I was out of God’s will. I wasn’t seeing things I wanted to see at the church and the kids driving me crazy, a messy house and I could go on. I was trying to listen to music ( over the kids fighting/yelling while washing dishes) and a song I had heard millions of times cause I only have like 10 on my iPod that are repeated constantly Praise you in the Storm by Casting Crowns came on. Well let me tell you the presence of God came down heavily open me and I just started crying, singing at the top of my lungs ( louder than the kids) and praising God! Wow, I just felt all burdens lifted off of me it was an Amazing feeling!! Like Melissa said God showed up while I was washing dishes…lol

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